Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why Blog?

Why am I blogging?

Simple - I merely need something to do. 

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in English eight days ago. Because I graduated eight days ago with a liberal arts degree, I feel that it is a given that I do not have a big-girl job yet. 

The past eight days of being a college graduate have been somewhat less than exciting. Professors and parents make the event seem like the sky is going to open up and glittery light will fall upon those who walk across the stage, the glittery light of success. I am pretty sure that nothing of said magnitude happened, unless of course I missed it (which could be possible.)

So because of this lack of excitement, I have decided to take on blogging. I am looking to fill my time with something that is healthy, network-ready, and of course fun. 

What do I plan to blog about?

Fun stuff of course. I just want to talk about things that interest me. Things that I find that look cool. Things that I find that make me happy. And most importantly, things that I find that just down right piss me off. 

You down? Good. 

I look forward to revealing myself via the internet and in turn having others do the same. Anything is better than resulting to World of Warcraft and Mountain Dew I suppose. 

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