Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born this Way

So I bought the entirety of Lady Gaga's new album yesterday from Amazon for $.99, which was a deal that could not be passed up.

I have since listed to the album in its entirety (finally) and I definitely have a few words. (As promised)

I think I will make another post stating the songs individually and my thoughts about them when I have a little more time, but for now, I am just going to judge the album as a whole.

He beats are SPOT ON. She rocks a sound that reminds me of The Fame Monster but has till evolved from that into really danceable club hits. I am impressed by the diversity of sounds on the album. She played with new mediums, granted, some were not needed such as the sax in "Edge of Glory," but I have to commend her for doing something different.

I will say that the titles of her songs are a little poorly thought out. She has a song called "Highway Unicorn" and I was immediately turned off by the name so I listened to it close to last. Turns out, the song is actually decent. I think she should have thought of these sort of things, because a song called "Highway Unicorn" is probably not going to make it far on a chart. But it might. Maybe that is just a preference of mine.

Lyrically, I have to give the album a thumbs down. I was a little annoyed at the literal feel to her lyrics. "Poker Face" is a great example of a simple song that is dripping with double meaning. I was hoping to see a little more of that, but I did not. Everything is about exactly what it says it is about pretty much, which to me is sad because she is a great songwriter.

Some gems on the album: "You and I" (MY GOD this song is perfect), "Edge of Glory", and the German one. I know the name I just can't type that character.

So overall, worth my $.99? I think yes. Worth $13? I think that a buyer should preview the album first because I have a feeling that some people are going to love it, and some are going to hate it. There will be very little middle ground. This is Gaga. She is the queen of extremes.

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