Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As promised, though a little later than I expected due to the cluster that has been my day, but this is "Hair."

Overall, I do not hate the style of the song, though I do think that the saxophone in the song randomly is a little out of place. I think that it has a really good beat and it achieves the gay club dance anthem feel really well, which she loves to do.

Lyrically, *sigh*. She's the spirit of her hair? No. I think this is the most retarded thing I have ever heard as far as writing is concerned. This is supposed to be an anthem I guess that tells you to by yourself stylistically , which I suppose it achieves, but WHY DOES EVERY SONG HAVE TO BE SOME SORT OF LIFE CHANGING ANTHEM. I am SO TIRED of her trying to get everyone to get on her soap box. I agree with some of her views, but jesus, this is just bad. I don't want to be my hair. My hair is annoying and curly and gets greasy if I don't blow dry it. No thanks.

I am just so disappointed in all of this album so far (minus "You and I"). What happened to "Bad Romance" style?

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