Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Alive!

Well, I am here to say that I survived the Rapture that didn't happen.

Hmmm. U Mad Harold Camping? Haha.

Anyway, yesterday got me to thinking that life could really end at any second, though it isn't likely that it will end with cataclysmic earthquakes that engulf 95% of the population after the believers are swept up, but it does end.

I wondered all day yesterday what I would do my last few hours on earth if I knew that everything was going to end for me or end for the world.

What would I eat? What would I wear? Where would I go? Who would be with me?

I am not sure I can answer these questions really, but I think that they are pretty important to answer before something does happen. I think that it shows priorities and etc. You know, important adult stuff.

Kind of a lame topic I know, but seriously, can you answer those questions?


  1. Well it's always good to have a realistic emergency plan for natural disasters and the like. Canned goods, cash, and a range of clothes stored somewhere are always a good idea.

  2. Were all alive I think, unless someone killed theirselves.

  3. I think if we all knew we were going to die (and I mean really, not like yesterday!) there would be complete chaos. I can just imagine people going around looting, stealing from each other, killing the person they had always wanted to. I would think that material greed would run all the way to the end. Sad.

  4. People legitimately thinking we're all going to die? Total chaos. It would be interesting to see, though, that's for sure.