Friday, May 20, 2011

What a Day


I apologize for my lack of posting.

Yesterday was a really busy day for me. I met with two representatives from St. Jude on behalf of the organization I started and was the president of: Epsilon Sigma Alpha. There are so many things happening in the near future that St. Jude and ESA are both a part of. I am truly excited to see what is in store!

Anyway, had the best lunch ever: Zunzi's. Oh man, soooooo good. It is a fusion cuisine, so it is a really good mix of Swedish, South African, Italian, and Danish cuisine.

I am a huge fan of this fusion movement. I think that it keeps food fresh and original. I love the fact that here in the states we can finally start to get some culture in our food. Plain on restaurants focused around one type of food are starting to get overdone, so I really appreciate the mixing and matching of different cultures.

I think it is a metaphor for the world. Everyone is starting to mix together now, so cultures will be more open and well, the food will be better :)

I will post about something more worthwhile later. :)

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